b'Together, were feeding Eastern Massachusetts.79 DIRECT DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM SITESFREE MOBILE MARKET 5,055,151 LBS61.8MEquivalent to distributedPOUNDS 51M HEALTHY of food distributed MEALS35 19Commodity SupplementalMobile Food Program (CSFP) sites MarketsTogether, we canend hunger here. OVER 136,550 MILES 594 DISTRIBUTION CHANNELStraveled delivering and acquiring healthy foodacross Eastern Massachusetts16 9BrownSchool-based Bags Pantries5 SATELLITE DOCKSHarwich, New Bedford, Peabody, Framingham and Plymouth1 in 11 people across Eastern 510 PARTNER AGENCIES Massachusetts is food insecure32% ACQUIRED FOOD BY1 in 9 COOP,MATERIAL COST TYPEFoodchildren is food insecureFund, VAP 29%338 74 74 15 MEFAP 24% 1 in 5foodsouptransitionalafterschool programs, day care,Donated 13% of those GBFB serves is a senior pantries kitchens programs long-term residential programs, etc. USDA 2% 60 years old or older50,663,5782,657,093 2,553,138899,866CSFP 140,000LBS LBS LBS LBS* residents of Eastern Massachusetts distributed distributed distributed distributed eat something healthy from GBFB each month* includes pounds distributed to other food banks13 THE GREATER BOSTON FOOD BANK 2018 ANNUAL REPORT'