WCVB 5for5 Telethon Stories

Thank you to WCVB-5 and all of our partner agencies across Eastern Massachusetts for sharing these important stories through the Project Community 5for5 Food Drive. GBFB and our network of over 500 partner agencies are working hard to distribute food to our neighbors in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Communities hit hard by the coronavirus crisis are in need of food.

Dr. Lauren Fiechtner, GBFB’s senior health and research advisor, explains how health and food insecurity affect families in Massachusetts.

GBFB partner agency, Proctor St. Pantry, gets food safely to those in need.

East Boston was already an underserved community, and with unemployment skyrocketing and businesses closed, the need for food there is greater than ever. GBFB, East Boston Health Center and The American Red Cross have teamed up to fill the gap.

GBFB President & CEO, Catherine D’Amato, talks about doubling the number of food deliveries during these unprecedented times.

GBFB partner agency, My Brother’s Keeper, in Brockton is making 400 food deliveries per week, as the city they serve has been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis.

Boston celebrity chef and longtime GBFB supporter, Ming Tsai, has been able to expand and feed 200 to 300 out-of-work restaurant employees and their families every day through donations.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, the YMCA of Malden partnered with GBFB to provide healthy food to the community with the opening of the new Mystic Community Market located at the Walnut Street Center in Medford.

GBFB partner agency, United Way of Tri-County, distributes food to Framingham residents in need.

At the Open Pantry of Greater Lowell, a GBFB partner agency, volunteers continued the neverending task of making sure people don’t go hungry.

The Lynn Salvation Army sees about 500 people each morning pull up to their food distribution headquarters on Franklin Street. The facility receives 32.5 tons of food each week from GBFB.

GBFB partner agency, The Wednesday Night Supper Club at the Paulist Center in Boston, is not letting COVID-19 keep them from getting food to those in need.

As an unprecedented need for food grows in the waterfront town of Hull, GBFB partner agency, Wellspring Multi-Service Center, responds.

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