Greater than the sum of our parts

Published on July 9, 2021

Growing Healthy Futures
The math always adds up. When a student has healthy food to eat, their concentration improves. That ability to focus is essential to good grades and long-term success!

To help GBFB end student hunger, MathWorks, the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists, is sponsoring a $1 million campaign called Growing Healthy Futures.

This amazing initiative will double donations to GBFB during July, August, and September— potentially totaling $2 million in urgently needed food for students of all ages and their families!

For college students, healthy food can mean the difference between passing and failing.

For grade-schoolers, three nutritious meals a day are essential to their growth and learning.

When you help GBFB and MathWorks grow healthy futures, you’ll put twice the resources toward programs like our School-based Pantries and Family Meal Boxes—both critical to ensuring our local scholars will be ready to start the new school year with plenty of nourishing food.

Together, we can provide 4 million healthy meals for students and families in need. That sum is incredible, but what it represents is even greater: the foundation for a more successful, healthier future for our whole community.

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