Thank you, GBFB: The Franklin Food Pantry celebrates the Fourth of July!

Published on July 1, 2021

Celebrity chef and author Michael Chiarell once said, “What keeps me motivated is not the food itself but all the bonds and memories the food represents.” Food is tasty and fulfilling…but food also contributes to some of our richest memories! That’s why we associate a roasted turkey and all-the-fixings with Thanksgiving, a special nostalgic meal with an adult who prepared it for us as children, or the spark of a grill with summertime.

Franklin Food Pantry staff celebrating July Fourth 2021
The group at the Franklin Food Pantry packed over 200 bags of food and games for families to ensure summer fun for the holiday weekend.

“We do holiday distributions every year, such as giving clients a ham to prepare and enjoy with their families at Christmas time and a turkey at Thanksgiving.” Sue Kilcoyne, Director of Operations at the Franklin Food Pantry, explains, “Our clients love those special days, and we have always wanted to do something similar for the Fourth of July. Given the stress of the past year with COVID-19, we decided it would be an excellent project for this summer.”

Thanks to support from GBFB, the Pantry launched their first-ever Summer Fun Holiday Distribution this past week. Sue exclaims, “Over 200 clients signed up to receive bags, everyone is very excited.”

The bags are filled with everything for a summer family barbecue – just in time for the long holiday weekend! They are packed with hot dogs, hamburgers, rolls and buns, condiments, potato chips, and dessert. In addition, everyone will receive the necessities, like paper plates and napkins, and the fun stuff, like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a football, a frisbee, and an American flag.

“We are so lucky to be able to do this special event.” Sue enthusiastically shares, “This opportunity has allowed us to support our clients in more ways than we thought we could. Thank you, GBFB.”

Franklin Food Pantry's Summer Fun Bags Franklin Food Pantry's Summer Fun Bags outside for distribution with American flags

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