Panera Helps Provide Healthy Hunger-Relief

When Mitchell Roberts and David Peterman began supporting The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) in 2014, they already understood the importance of serving people healthy food.

The co-founders of PR Management, a company which owns and operates 63 Panera Bread locations in New England, Mitchell and David understood the connection between hunger, proper nutrition and health.

“Having fresh, high quality food is important for everyone. Healthy food helps people work better, learn better and be active,” said Mitchell Roberts.

PR Management is a GBFB Partner for Impact, one of the 150 businesses and organizations that provide more than just financial support to GBFB. Through volunteerism, event sponsorship, in-kind donations and more these organizations play a key role in helping GBFB achieve its mission.

Panera HelpsThis summer, PR Management made a $110,000 donation through their register donation program. Donation boxes are placed at the registers of each of its 64 Panera Bread franchises, and as customers place their orders, restaurant employees encourage them to donate.

“GBFB is the biggest hunger-relief organization in our area. They can impact more people in need and maximize the benefit of our donation,” David said.

Since 2014, PR Management has donated over $300,000 to The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB), enough to provide more than 900,000 healthy meals to people struggling with hunger in Eastern Massachusetts.

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