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Samantha Frankel fell in love with volunteering at an early age, going to local food pantries with her father and brother as a child. This year, for her 18th birthday, the Newton native wanted to do something with a bigger effect on hunger in Eastern Massachusetts.

Teen Gives BackFacebook Fundraisers

“I decided rather than centralizing on one pantry, I would try to help in a way that more places can receive aide,” Samantha said. “I held a Facebook fundraiser for The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) because I know the amazing work that GBFB does to support local food pantries and their communities.”

Facebook allows users to create fundraisers for select charities. The service is free and 100 percent of the proceeds are given to the chosen cause. In two weeks, Samantha surpassed her $200 goal by raising $285 from 11 people.

“Providing hunger relief is one of the most important things I can think of,” Samantha said. “I know every dollar counts, so I’m excited to be sending the amount I raised to GBFB.”

GBFB has received $4,771 through 19 different Facebook fundraisers so far this year—enough to provide the equivalent of over 14,000 healthy meals to people in need.

To learn how you can start a Facebook fundraiser for your birthday, for the holidays, or for any occasion, go to

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