Bruce Springsteen Raises more than $50,000 for Hunger Relief

On August 14 and 15, The Boss rocked Fenway in support of The Greater Boston Food Bank, encouraging fans to give generously to GBFB’s hunger relief efforts.

Each night 12 volunteers from GBFB were invited into Fenway Park to collect money from concert goers, collecting over $8,000 each night, for a total of $16,846.21. Fans were excited to donate to help end hunger in Eastern Massachusetts.

In addition to donations collected in the park, Springsteen donated tickets for each performance, which were purchased by generous donors for $27,000.

After the performance, Springsteen donated an additional $10,000 to The Greater Boston Food Bank. In total, the concert yielded $53,846.21, enough for more than 127,000 meals.

Springsteen has been encouraging fans to support GBFB since 1999. He promotes charitable giving to local nonprofit organizations in each town he visits on tour.

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