b'Building a Healthier Hanson With Your HelpIn the past 12 months, The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) has distributed over 125,000 pounds of healthy food to the Hanson Food Pantry. That is enough food to provide three meals a day for every food-insecure person in the town.Food is such an important thing and we all take it for granted, said Chris Cameron, director of the Hanson Food Pantry.Cameron took over as director less than two years ago, but has been volunteering at the pantry for more than a decade. Volunteers like (from left) Lynne Gould, Lisa Huyghe, and Dianna Kelley help the Hanson Food Pantry run.I remember when we worked in the little tiny one room pantry and it was all donations, so it was very limitedThe pantry serves about 200-300 people every month from what we could give people, she said. With the GBFBHanson and surrounding towns. partnership, we can get anything we want, its wonderful. We can get produce and help people try to eat healthy.Your donation helps ensure that the nearly 500,000 people People leave here and go home and they really can havestruggling with hunger across 190 cities and towns in Eastern food for a month. Massachusetts have reliable access to high quality food.Families Helping FamiliesFamilies like the Vincents volunteer together to sort fresh produce like butternut squash at GBFBs warehouse.Everyone has a role in ending hunger and there areWhen were all doing it together as a family it feels like many ways to help. Beyond giving money, giving timewere a team and that all of us are working together to solve can be just as rewarding.a problem and help the world, Jack said.The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) and theAt a GBFB volunteer event last spring for families with young entire hunger-relief network would not operate withoutchildren, Walter and Jack were inducted into our first class the support of volunteers. Many of our strongestof Super Hunger Heroesa group of kids committed to volunteers are families who give back together.community service. Theyve also served food to people in need at a GBFB Mobile Market and partner agency in Framingham.Arlington parents Carolynn and Chris Vincent, along with their sons Jack, 11 and Walter, 14, have beenIts a good feeling afterwards that I helped people, Walter volunteering at GBFB and our partner agencies forsaid. To help them sit down and have a good dinner with their the past six years. families.Get involved:GBFB .org/volunteer 4'