b'Stories of HopeJohn is one of several individuals who receive an assortment of healthy food from one of GBFBs partner agencies, the Hanson Food Pantry.A Family Keeps Food in the CupboardThanks To YouJohn worked his entire life building diesel engines inAccording to John, the pantry is especially helpful forhis hometown of Hanson. Recently retired, he and hisHanson families around this time of year. wife live on a fixed income. When his wife got sick, the medical bills started piling up and the cupboards startedThey give us turkeys and all the stuff that goes with it emptying. during the holidays. They really make Thanksgiving for a lot of people, he said. We were getting tight with bills and the co-pays were killing us, John said. Sometimes its a bad month and were looking at each other across the table with a can of soup in the middle.Sometimes its a bad month To help him and his wife get through the month, Johnand were looking at each other started going to the Hanson Food Pantry about three years ago. across the table with a can of The first time I came here I was amazed at what we getsoup in the middle.and how generous people are, John said.- JohnThe Hanson Food Pantry is one of the more than 300 food pantries in Eastern Massachusetts supported by The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB). The pantry getsThe pantry has helped John and his wife maintain aover two-thirds of its food from GBFB.healthy diet and has kept them from making the impossible decision between paying their bills and buying food. We usually get an assortment of meat and pasta. You can get 2 or 3 meals out of the chicken, John said. AndI think generosity is something thats disappearing out I know they bring in fresh fruits and vegetables whenthere, so I would really like to thank the donors from the they can. I love my fruits and veggies. bottom of my heart, John said.3'