Laurie and Vince

Laurie and VinceLaurie and Vince, her fiancee, receive healthy food from the Salvation Army in New Bedford, which gets most of its food from GBFB and serves about 600 people each week. They also both volunteer there.

“I love the people at the Salvation Army. They’ve been here for me during the hardest times of my life, especially when my beautiful 10-year-old daughter, Paige, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Everybody here loved Paige and made her feel loved as her illness progressed. As our medical bills started to pile up, we knew we could always count on the friendly faces and healthy food. When she died last August, I was devastated. I miss waking up every day and caring for her. I miss her so much.

“Now, I live in public housing with my fiancée, Vince, and we’re both on disability. Even with food stamps, we don’t have enough to buy the food we need. I’m also diabetic and have to eat as healthy as possible. I’m trying to follow a better diet so I can get off my expensive medication.”

Laurie says that she and Vince are so grateful for the healthy food and support they receive. You can read her story on our blog.

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